Look through the gallery of interesting, vintage, and rare equipment that has passed through the shop.


Many customers bring in modification kits and have the work professionally done.  This preserves the value of your gear and will give reliable use.  Other mods I perform are in the power amp circuit and allow adjustment of output power and the natural tube harmonics.  These mods are switch selectable and have a stock setting so your amp can always be used as it was built.



Beyond electronic repairs I offer full restoration of vintage amplifiers and recording equipment.  The electronic restoration involves much more than replacing a dozen old capacitors and cleaning the controls.  After a proper restoration your amp is quiet, reliable, cleaned up, looks and sounds great.  Ready for years of use.  I can use my standard parts or the customer may supply their own.   Cabinet repair, covering, and grills can be restored also.  Many of my restorations are on the road full time and others see regular use in the recording studio.

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